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             Our goal at J&T is to provide excellent service to our customers while keeping the

roads safe for its employees, contractors and the public.  We pride ourselves in moving full

loads and LTL freight quickly and safely down the road.


             That was Tracey Rieks' dream riding down the road with his father as a young boy

to the east coast and back. Tracey purchased his first truck in May of 1992. He leased on

with Kevin Ryman Inc. out of Berwick, PA. His main lane of travel was hauling meat out of

the Midwest to the East coast and general freight back to the Midwest. He had many customer

drops on his return trip to the Midwest that included Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa.

Tracey knew the next step to owning a trucking business was to obtain his own operating

authority. In February of 1994, T.L. Rieks Transport was made official.  In 1998, he made the

transition from hauling general freight off the East coast and took on a dedicated mushroom

haul. Tracey has spent over 20 years in a truck. He has spent these years delivering meat on

the sidewalks of New York City and delivering mushrooms to many customers across the Midwest.


             In August of 2005, John Brinkmeyer made a few trips to the East coast with Tracey. 

John had spent some time in a truck from 1975 to 1979. They combined their talents of John's

Business Management abilities and Tracey's connections in the trucking industry, and the vision of a

logistics business began formation. In October of 2005, J&T Logistics was finalized. Tracey continued

his weekly rounds to the East coast while John ran the office out of a converted out building at his

home. They kept their focus on reefer freight starting with a few owner-operators that were dedicated

to them and brokering freight for customers across the United States. In 2006, the first full time e

mployee was added to help John with the large customer base and ever growing business. 2007

brought on many employees to help manage a growth of over 500% from the previous year. The

beginning of 2007 also brought on the ownership of reefer trailers, many more owner operators, and

even more customers to serve. In late 2007, a dry van division was added to service one of the biggest

plastic corporations in the US.


As business began to grow for J & T Logistics, the need for more trucks was obvious to meet the demands of our customers.  In late 2010,

J&T Motorfreight was established and J & T now had its own fleet to help meet the demand of our customers.


In March of 2013 J & T starting a new business venture, J&T Plumbing & Heating


In May of 2015 J & T expanded it’s services again and started offering a repair service under J & T Truck & Trailer Repair

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